Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review - How To Fill

Mediflow waterbase pillow has many advantages and is the best pillow you can think of buying. In the mediflow waterbase pillow review above, I told you almost everything you need to know about it. Now I want to give you instructions on how to use it in this mediflow waterbase pillow review.

Mediflow waterbase pillows are very easy to fill. It's something that you don't need to crack your brain to do. You can define the degree of support you want by reducing or increasing the level of support you need. Have you bought yours? If you have then continue reading to learn how to fill your new pillow.

There is a wrench provided in the package. This wrench should be used to remove the cap. How? By inserting the base of the wrench in the cap and turning it anti-clockwise. This will remove the cap. Next step...

Insert the funnel provided into the valve opening of your mediflow waterbase pillow. Tighten it and use it to fill in the water. Hope you got that. If you didn't, read it again.

Hold your mediflow waterbase pillow upright with something supporting it (you can use your bed). Fill in the water to your desired firmness level and check the water level by putting your finger in it. Final step...

Press the remaining part where the water does not reach. This must be done to remove the air. Move your hands around while pressing it gently and continue this until you have replaced the cap.

Hope you enjoyed this mediflow waterbase pillow review and filling instructions. Complete instructions can be found in the pillow package. If this helped you, can you please share it on twitter, facebook or google plus?